Tooting our Horn.

Who better to lead us into the summer than a trio of queens? Thank you to the Chiefland Watermelon Festival for adorning our May cover again this year. 2024 marks the 70th anniversary of this event which takes place downtown Chiefland on Saturday, June 1st. My wife and I made the trip a couple years ago and it was a fun time indeed, and yes they have plenty of watermelon to sample!

Our May edition is down a little in size due to all the past events coming to an end in April. We appreciate all the local TDC and Chamber offices supporting us with advertising dollars since January. We know times are still tough for many and advertising dollars are at a premium. We thank you for putting your trust with us in getting the message about your events. Which we might toot our horn just a bit, with our leaderboard advertisements performing so well since October. The Cross City 100th Anniversary shattered our records with a 4.0% CTR for less than 30 days on the site. In addition to that, our overall CTR went up 6% in the last 60 days and we are very excited to share those numbers. Our little magazine is being see, in-print and online, and we like to brag a little bit when we get the chance.

We also have two more projects we will be introducing this summer, a business card directory and a voters’ guide. We have done research on both and feel they will be great additions to the market. The directory will be a little more manageable for those on a tight budget (12 month shelf life) and the voters’ guide will be an additional tool for our readers and residents to help make up their mind at the polls. Times and landscapes are changing quickly throughout the area, and we want to help all the candidates get out their message. Look for it throughout the region and please remember to vote this year.

Finally, scallop season is almost here, and we are hoping to give you our best products ever. It will be fall before we know it, so we want to squeeze in as much as we can, in all of our magazines, and let visitors know what a beautiful place they have come to visit.

Until the next time, enjoy The Hidden Coast.