Not a loss, but a gain

A somewhat unique blog this month as I sit on the east coast of Florida (Crescent Beach) preparing for the marriage of our son tomorrow morning beachside, at sunrise. Yes sunrise, as I’ve had to repeat that many times over the last few months, not 6:30 PM, but 6:30 AM. Our family has been arriving since Wednesday and we officially kick of the festivities tonight at the rehearsal dinner.

It’s been a little tough this week as I think it finally hit home. As I drove around town it seemed every place I went reminded me of when he was so much younger (which seems like just yesterday). His old elementary school and high school, the parks, the soccer fields… all jarred such good memories. But in the end, we aren’t really losing a son, we’re gaining a beautiful, smart and kind daughter-in-law who is the perfect fit for our Nick.

Our March editions are at the printer, all early this month so we could concentrate on this weekend. Our customers and contributors were all understanding and had their material to us early, which we appreciate so much!

The theme of this issue? Festivals and more festivals. The BrewFest in Perry, The Lower Suwannee Art and Nature Fest in Suwannee and the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts in Cedar Key. All great events so please plan to attend one, if not all of them!

Our Fishing Lowdown publication will be out as well, with the second edition since we started back. Feedback and comments are all positive and we are very excited to have it back on the streets.

Finally, we hit a big milestone this week. We topped 3 million views on our website! A big number which we are so excited to share. Of course, we couldn’t do it without our advertisers, contributors and readers. Thank you, thank you for your continued support. We are proud of our magazines and look forward to promoting this area for a long time to come.

Until the next time, Happy Spring!