things you can refuse during labor

My first was one of those rare fastest births ever for a first time mom stories (labored for 4-41/2 hours, 15 minutes of pushing, no intervention or complications). We decided to medically terminate-I felt in my gut that it was the right decision-after she was born my decision was confirmed. Any time something enters the vaginal tract, infection can occur. My mom was given “twighlight sleep” (anasthesia) and I was removed by forcep delivery. This is something I have wondered about as an Australian with a sister-in-law in the US. Love the post! Speaking of refusing medical advice, my doctor thought I was completely crazy because I wouldn’t allow her to test for HIV during my last pregnancy. For situations where an induction is looming but not immediately necessary (e.g., the baby is almost 2 weeks overdue), stripping the membranes can be a good way to try and jump-start labor without resorting to Pitocin or the invasiveness of breaking the bag of waters. But I also refuse the blood based genetic screening. My baby was HUGE and ended up getting stuck in my pelvic bone. Nipple Stimulation. I felt like going the crunchy path, but… did some studying and research and avoided it. You can learn so much from observing women during a normal labour. I also feel that it is not talked about enough, except to trade horror stories–and especially dumping those stories on new expecting mothers. with our first two children, i was able to keep things very simple and have wonderful drug free births. I also plan on making the best decision for me and my baby. Well, I got lots of ultrasounds due to various concerns about the baby, I was induced when the pregnancy went past 42 weeks (obviously there was no due date confusion with my fertility treatments), I got antibiotics for being GBS +, several internal exams (only when I went past my due date and during labor), and we accepted the vitamin K shot. Her take on strep B is basically that it is serious and studies mostly show that routine screening and antibiotics save babies ( I think it was about 2 in 1,000), but you must decide what your personal risk is and if it is worth dealing with the possible negative outcome of antibiotics. I personally said no to the whole hospital thing, standard ultrasounds (never mind extras) and of course most everything on your list. I saw a mother come into triage in labor who tested positive for strep B. Thanks for a great post, Katie. I ended up birthing in the hospital, because a car wreck broke my water at 35 weeks, and my daughter was born the next day…and the hospital did insist on giving me antibiotics (but they also pretended I hadn’t had any prenatal care, when they knew much better–I ended up in the hospital near the state capitol building, and I had gotten in the wreck on my way home from lobbying the legislature to legalize our midwives, which was a pretty hot issue at the time). My second was set to be a homebirth. I still checked in with my ob/gyn for fairly regular check-in appointments, but, I also had a smart, supportive midwife. It helps with the release of oxytocin, which is the hormone that causes your uterus to contract. Yes, standard of care now is to test for both of these when they do the initial pap smear at the start of pregnancy. So until my newborn baby starts hanging out at brothels and shooting up, s/he is not at risk of Hep B and the vaccine can be put off until MUCH later (for our family that would be many years!! Why wouldn’t I offer the same respect to my body and her spirit as I had in my 2 previous pregs? Birth is especially personal so it has been interesting to read the comments here from everyone’s different perspectives. I’ve read a lot of Trisomy 18 stories, both of parents who chose to spare their baby of any pain and those who chose to hold them as long as God allows. I do appreciate your newsletters, but when it comes to things like these, please do more research. He actually had night terrors at 2 months old from what he went through. ), I feel like there’s a bit of a gap in something you’ve mentioned. “don’t take any one piece of information or advice as the final answer, do your research. 2 and told them, “No, I do not want to go to triage, I need a room.” They didn’t believe me, but my repeated, “I need a roooooooom!” convinced them. While having your baby come and go is usually standard procedure during your postpartum hospital stay, you can politely decline other trips to the nursery that aren’t medically necessary. When your care provider does a pelvic check, he or she may say that your cervix is soft or he/she may even say a certain percentage your cervix is effaced. :o) So, just because radiation isn’t involved doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe. While I agree with much of what you’ve said (no eye ointment for us! Out of all the ways to induce labor at home, nipple stimulation is one of the most reliable options. No, that’s true, despite our good intentions and best laid plans, we can’t always get the perfect birth we want, for a myriad of reasons. My 4th – back to a midwife, induced due to gestational diabetes and my midwife was afraid I had an “incompetant pelvis” due to the last baby’s story. If having a large gathering surrounding you isn’t something you envisioned for the birth of your child, you can decline to have them in the room until you give the green light. Read my full disclosure here! Do you mean that they’re more sympathetic? I believe the study I was looking at was for a douche, rather than the sponge – don’t quote me on that. The last two I have had amazing nurses who had natural births themselves and with no choice I didn’t get thrown any epidural questions. For some moms, pain meds can make you queasy, and it’s especially common when you take them after a c-section. For example, my doggone placenta was residing low at the 20 week US, so I’ll probably have to have another to make sure I don’t have placenta previa – a very serious condition – and of course, although it bums me out, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Remarkably, I’ve been relatively “normal” in life, good health, college education, etc. Absolutely not! There are so many things that I wish I knew before I was pregnant the first time that are routine. In the end, I believe life is not my choice to take into my own hands. Sally, Sorry about the scary word! I used the program for the first time with this pregnancy and it was amazing – although I didn’t have a pain-free birth (something many Hypnobabies moms have), I did have an amazing labor and managed to deliver a 9lb 14 oz baby boy (10 days overdue) without medication and no tearing. I am looking forward to my next birth experience (#3 in May!) Moms may feel like they're not in control after giving birth, but there are some things you can refuse at the hospital. Even with that, it was still an 18 hour birth process. I’ve been taking them for what feels like forever because of breastfeeding. .. How exciting that your ultrasound is today! I was constantly saying no and I even had a midwife who did hospital deliveries only. Was it as natural as I wanted? I really wish it was part of their training to see homebirths. And all my insurance will pay for anyway! My thoughts on that are, “How do we know?”. I am grateful I had the opportunity to have more than one child because of Rhogam. I also have read research that shows the hibiclense to be as effective as the injection. , Mary, It seems that I remember some studies that showed how the sound waves caused heating within the cells. Only you can determine what is best for you during labor and what is best for your baby. Why have eye goop when you and your Christian spouse have only ever been with each other? Oh what a great post… I thought I would I would be the easiest mum and just go with the flow and do whatever needed to be done until I realized that the very first step in the medical path is just the start of a long long road of potential disasters. Very interesting! Nurses treat you differently when you have to go natural. As with many of these decisions, “Nothing unnecessary” quickly became my mantra. Than a mother who went into labor planning on no drugs can find herself with an emergency C-section. With immediate treatment, they would have a fighting chance. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. 2 IMO as soon as you step through the doors unless you are fully aware of your rights and your partner is fully informed on your birth plan and is willing to stand up for you then you might well not of bothered writing one! (my husband believed me). I am grieved that the author threads her religous views in everything, and there is no escaping it, but I have found the information and her guidance in the decision-making process very helpful. Very long explanation but if you are interested you can google it. Some of these things I had heard of before, but some were new. In order to ensure that you and your baby have a positive experience from start to finish, here’s a list of ten things moms can refuse at the hospital. Me getting a yeast infection is worth it if my baby doesn’t have to endure the kind of torture that my son went through. I know I keep saying it, but thanks for writing this article and for getting this conversation started. When my second daughter was born, I confounded the doctor by stubbornly refusing the pitocin they usually inject into the mother after the baby was born. Most women labor in bed and give birth on their back. First, congratulations on your mom-to-be status! The great thing about my midwife is that he spent a full hour in the hospital and another hour at my six-week checkup listening to me sob and rant about it and promising that he would not let this happen to another mother and baby who had so little need for intervention. At the end of a pregnancy, many doctors will “strip” the bag of waters (separate it from the cervix) to get labor potentially getting started more quickly. I was upsest that this little girl, who we wanted more than ever to keep in our lives, wasn’t going to make it. My choice of OTC brand is Garden of Life, one of those out there made from real, whole foods and in powder-in-a-capsule form, so they’re much more likely to be utilized by the body. While you want to strictly adhere to your birth plan, but your nurse might not be so keen on some of your methods.

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