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We plan to start printing our magazine again in October. Several business are opening back up throughout the region and they are reaching out for visitors. We also know many business are still struggling to get back on their feet and still need time and help. With that being said, we are adding something unique for this next edition. If you are a fan of an affected business or community, and trying to figure out how to help, think about sponsoring them through an ad with us. We are offering two sizes for the cost of $25 and $50. We will include the name of the business, a short message and your name if you desire. These ads will be shown in print and also online! Click on the link below to get started, and let’s get the word out that, “THE HIDDEN COAST IS OPEN IN BUSINESS.”

Send your message to sales@nfmservice.com

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Below are payment links for the two sizes we are offering. Thank you for your support and look for your ad in our October edition!