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Happy New Year and our January Edition

Happy new year! Although we had a great Christmas season I am very happy it is behind us. The holiday season wreaks havoc on the printing industry and as hard as we tried to get our books out, it wasn’t to be. Lights, presents, parties, family, shopping, sweets, more family and realizing the reason for the season took over. Kudos to a wonderful season and great 2018 and we look forward to the new year with much excitement. We have a second new magazine, new racks, and larger distribution as we move into 2019 and our production schedule went from 6 to 18 overnight. We are a little nervous but we are looking forward to promoting the great region of Florida from the Gulf to the Atlantic!

The new year kicks off with several great festivals planned for the area. We have the Fiddler Crab Festival, The Quilt Festival, the Spring Art Festival and the Brew Fest all happening within the first three months of this year! Lots to do and lots to see and you can read all about them in our magazine. Please make plans to attend at least one of these fun events!

We have some new advertisers in this edition; The Island Hotel and Restaurant, Cedar Inn and Cheek Drugs. We also have some old favorites back in with us; Good Times Marina, Ken’s Kettle Corn, Piddler’s Pointe, and Old Florida Celebration of the Arts. We also say goodbye to one of the biggest supporters, The Salty Needle in Cedar Key. Owner Beth Davis has decided to retire and spend more time with her family. We wish Beth all the best and thank her for all the loyalty and support she has shown us over the years.

Finally, we have some great reading for this issue. Salt Addiction Charters discusses “Steinhatchee Fishing”, Toni Collins brings us “The Caboose” and “Florida Pioneer Spirit”, Bev Ringenberg brings us a preview of the “Old Florida Celebration of the Arts” festival, Dr. Stefanie Gazda brings us an update on “Cedar Key Dolphin Project” and very unique fundraiser they are having, and finally Jeff Carey gives us another in-depth article on one of the many waterways in the area, “Manatee Springs, a Different Perspective.” History, entertainment, outdoors and wildlife. We have a little bit of everything for this edition and we hope you enjoy it.

Finally, we start our third year of The Hidden Coast Magazine in 2019 and we are very proud of how our little magazine continues to grow. We enjoyed meeting several of our readers at two events in the fall and look forward to seeing more of you this year. Happy New Year!

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November and the end of the year!

Wow, where did 2018 go? I can’t believe we are staring at November/December and the end of the year already. It has been a great year for us. Our little magazine maintained it’s steady growth throughout the year, and we were able to promote this special region of the state and all the wonderful events and activities it has to offer. We have met many people over the life of this book (advertisers, readers, travelers…) and we look forward to serving everyone in the future. We had the opportunity to have a booth at the Cedar Key Seafood Festival and the Fall Winter Fair at the Florida Welcome Center in October. It was a nice way to close out 2019 and show off all our hard work from the past year.

Our December book has a listing of all the fun holiday events going on throughout the area. Anything from Christmas festivals and bazaars to boat parades and Santa Claus. If you have never seen a Christmas boat parade please take the time to check it out. It is a truly unique way to see the holiday lights and you will be amazed at all the different ways you can decorate a boat (of all sizes!).

Our usual advertisers are in with us for this edition, plus a couple new ones. Jeff Cary has an informative article about the Icketucknee Springs and UF Wildlife Ecology and Conservation has an update on the Lone Cabbage Reef restoration project and the Cedar Key Dolphin Project has contributed an article on the ongoing progress in the area.

Finally, we have included a page from the American Red Cross in our current edition. We had a couple sleepless nights tracking Hurricane Michael as it came up the Gulf and thank goodness we were spared. Unfortunately, our neighbors to the northwest were not and our hearts were broken as we saw the damage and misery left by this terrible natural disaster. Contributions of any size will help and along with your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road back to recovery and we wish them all the best.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy and healthy new year. Thanks for reading our book, thanks for a great year and we look forward to 2019!

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Summer is over and our September edition is out!

September is here and we made it through another Florida summer! I told my son that the summers seem to be getting hotter and hotter lately and his response was, “no dad, you’re just getting older.” Even I had to laugh when he said that. Who says teenagers aren’t smart? My wife and I were blessed to be able to take some great trips over the summer. A couple of weekend trips and a week’s vacation in St. Augustine, Jekyll Island for our anniversary and wonderful trip out west that included San Fransisco, Napa Valley, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Fun times and great memories made, but it’s always nice to be home sweet home.

We kick off fall with the annual Cedar Key Seafood Festival on the cover of our September edition. This was our most popular edition last year, reaching 17k+ on Facebook. The Lions Club of Cedar Key put on a great show and I highly recommend you make plans to attend (October 20-21). Cedar Key is also one of only five Florida towns to host the Smithsonian “Crossroads” traveling exhibit. This event will kick off on September 8th and run through October 20. The Cedar Key Welcome Center urges everyone to stop by and visit this interactive exhibit and also plan to attend one of the many community events planned around the exhibit.  One of these is the Railroad and Riverboats show taking place September 28-30 in Cedar Key. The Ocala Model Railroaders’ will be present, fresh off their National Competition win in Kansas City. Another event will be the first annual open house at the Nature Coast Biological Station. UF/IFAS has done some great things over the past 12 months. Come see what they have accomplished and what they plan to do in the years to come!

Our local charter captains have contributed articles getting you ready for fall fishing and looking back on a busy scalloping season, and Toni Collins gives us sneak peek on the Railroads and Riverboats exhibit with two great articles devoted to both. Our usual advertisers are all in too plus some new ones! Cedar Key Pizza and Ken’s Kettle Corn join us with some tasty ideas if you are out and about in the area.

We can never say “thank you” enough to all of our contributors, advertisers, and readers. Our little magazine has grown leaps and bounds in two years and we owe it all to you. Thank you for all the comments, notes and emails.

We have been working on another project for the past couple months and hopefully, we will be able to introduce it in September. Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy the fall season and The Hidden Coast.

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Scalloping season and our July edition!

The scalloping season is here and so is our July edition! We are promoting the season all through this issue starting with Steinhatchee’s, very popular, Sea Hag Marina on the cover. This is the best time to visit The Hidden Coast and, if you have never done so, try your hand at scalloping. We went out twice in the month of June and had great success. This month’s magazine has everything you will need to get out and have some fun. This includes articles, maps tide charts and FWC information.

This month’s edition also includes our regular advertisers (who we are so grateful for) along with quite a few new ones. We also have our “Local Flavors” page back in that highlights some “tasty treats” around the area. Finally, we have an abundance of articles on scalloping from our local charter captains and IFAS gives you some tips and tricks on how to protects the beautiful waters around us. Toni Collins continues to give us detailed history lessons on the area and Jeff Carey has another informative article on kayaking out of Horseshoe.

We continue to be very thankful for all of the above-mentioned contributors (advertisers and writers). They have been very supportive of this magazine from the very beginning and we do our best to promote the area and “show off” these great individuals. Support these businesses if you can and send our writers a quick note to let them know you enjoyed their articles.

The local communities are planning some fun-filled 4th of July celebrations and we have the times and schedules for Steinhatchee, Cedar Key, and Perry. Enjoy, have fun and be safe.

Until the next time, we thank you for reading our little magazine and we look forward to some cooler weather for our September edition.

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Look for our May book!

We have completed our May edition and again we are at 32 pages. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for our readers, advertisers and contributors. This will be our 10th edition and we have grown quicker than we ever could have expected. Thank you to everyone for being part of our little magazine, and we hope to be around for a long time to come.

Our May edition is promoting the annual Chiefland Watermelon Festival happening in June. This is a fun event that includes food, vendors, entertainment the annual parade. Another festival we are promoting in this book is the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs. Stretching the boundaries a little bit on this one for The Hidden Coast, but this is unique festival that everyone should attend at least once. Growing up close to White Springs I have many childhood memories of attending the festival and taking in all the food, music and story telling. The third event mentioned in this edition is the 4th annual Garden Show and Spring Festival happening at Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens in Williston. This is a hidden gem in the North Florida area and if you have never visited here you should put it on your bucket list now.

We also have our usual contributors giving our informative articles on history and recreation in the area. The Suwannee Hotel, Dolphins of the Nature Coast, Little know Gulf Coast Hurricanes and The Bay Scallop. All great reading as we head into the summer months. A new addition for the May book is the Florida Humanities Council. Their website slogan states, “Bringing Floridians Together”. A great organization and I urge you to check out their website for some informative tidbits on our wonderful state. And don’t  forget to download the app!

Finally, make sure you check out our Local Flavors page. We some new additions for this round and some of your old favorites are back. Tasty treats you will only find on the hidden coast. Try one, or all of them, and let them know you saw them in our magazine!

Enjoy the book and enjoy the beautiful weather that our state has to offer this time of the year. Please send us an email if you have an idea for a story, a photo you would like to share or tell us how we can improve. Thanks for reading our little magazine. vvv

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Our March book is out!

Our March book is hitting the streets this week! Look for it at local chamber and TDC offices in the region as well as participating advertisers. Can’t find one? Let us know and we will steer you in the right direction! Thanks and enjoy our biggest book yet!

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Our biggest book yet!

We are very excited to see our book go to 32 pages for this round. It has been a culmination of a lot of work from us and a lot of support from the region. We have added a great map to the area is this edition, courtesy of River Graphics. They have done a wonderful job detailing the area and highlighting all the towns, major highways, rivers, and springs. After much demand, we have also added the tide charts back into this edition as well. Remember, we always have the tide chart link on our website for quick access to tides anywhere in the area. The Local Flavor Page continues to grow. Check out the new additions for this month and please take time to let them know you saw them in The Hidden Coast!  Finally, we have all our super advertisers and article contributors who continue to make our book look sharp! We thank them for their continued support of our magazine because without them we would not be sitting at 32 pages after 14 short months. Spring is upon us and it’s a great time to visit The Hidden Coast. The weather is beautiful and this month’s edition has information on three great festivals happening this month and next. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Oar House in Cedar Key. Joe and his wife Kerry have added a great new addition to the restaurant scene and they call it “A Gastro Tavern.” Check out all the high marks and reviews on TripAdvisor! Again, you have to follow up for the chance to win. Please let us know what you think and what we can do to improve. Our goal is to promote The Hidden Coast and inform our readers and visitors! Enjoy the great weather and thank you for reading our little magazine.

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The first book of 2018 is out!

Our January edition is out! We fell back to 16 pages for this round due to illness, the holidays and the weather. Being a one-man shop some times makes this job hard, but I guarantee we will be back up to 24, if not 32, for the March book! Many thanks to all our advertisers, old and new, who continue to support our little magazine. And big thanks to all those who contribute such great articles for each book. We try to give our readers a wide range of interesting and informative articles and our writers have done a wonderful job filling that need. We look forward to 2018 and promoting this wonderful part of Florida! As with every issue, let us know how we are doing, and what we can improve on for the new year. Thank you!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The holidays and have come and gone in the blink of an eye, and we now look forward see what 2018 will bring us. I myself am a little happy to see the holidays go as I was gifted with a cold for Christmas and the flu for New Years. It was passed around our house a couple times over and I am hoping we are over it once and for all.

Our January cover was somewhat of a challenge. Several festivals had inquired about wanting to be part of it, but we only got two, out of the four, that would commit. The decision makers usually take time off during December, and in the end, we just ran out of time. The Fiddler Crab Festival and the Arts Festival are two great events that happen on The Hidden Coast each year. If you have not had the opportunity to attend them I would ask you to make plans this year. Both include great vendors, food, entertainment and local venues for the whole family. Both are also put on by hard working committees that “volunteer” their time to help their communities. If you see them out and about at the festivals let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Our January book includes some informative reading from our local contributors. Anything from outdoor recreation to history- we have it covered!  Toni Collins has also put together a schedule of some of the more popular events going on. Our “Local Favors” page is also in the book again. This is a quick guide for some of the tasty restaurant on The Hidden Coast. These are all local owners- no corporate food here!

Thank you once again to all who are part of The Hidden Coast. We appreciate all the support and kind words about our little magazine, and we look forward to promoting this area, and it’s residents, in 2018.

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Our November Book is Out!

Our November edition is out and we have maintained our 24-page count! Many thanks to all our advertisers, old and new, who continue to support our little magazine. And big thanks to all those who contribute such great articles for each book. We try to give our readers a wide range of interesting and informative articles and our writers have done a wonderful job filling that need. We couldn’t do a book without you and here we are after one year adding to the page count. We are very excited to end 2017 with a “Holiday Themed” book, and we look forward to promoting The Hidden Coast in 2018. As with every issue, let us know how we are doing, and what we can improve on for the new year. Thanks again for a very successful year and we wish all our customers and readers a very happy and healthy holiday season.