June… already?

Summer time is here. When the quiet little towns of The Hidden Coast get invaded by treasure seekers looking for the elusive scallop among the sea-grass beds. A fun time, for the whole family, and if you have never tried it please make plans to do so this year. We did every year when our kids were growing up and have great memories of those summer days. Doesn’t cost a lot and all you need is a mask, snorkel, flippers and a bucket. At the end of the day look forward to sautéing them in butter and wine and serving them over a batch of pasta. Nothing better and nothing fresher!

We are also running all types of specials for the summer. A new business card directory, buy 3 ads get 1 free and leaderboard ads for $99. If you are trying to get your business and name out there this summer give us a try! Look of our magazine throughout the region.

We kick off June with a packed 56-page issue of information on local venues and outdoor activities. Besides scalloping there is much to do and see in this area, so please take time to see “The Last of Old Florida” and all its beauty. And please be patient wherever you go (boat ramps, stores, restaurants…). This area welcomes visitors with open arms so please be respectful and remember they live here year around. Pick up your trash and be courteous on the waterways and roadways. Most of all BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!