Our November magazine is hitting the streets this week. The second edition of our new size and format. The response to our October issue was overwhelming with almost 100% of our customers and readers liking the new look. We appreciate everybody’s input and feedback and will continue to tweak it as we get closer to 2024.

Two things we noticed last month were request for getting a hard copy of our magazine mailed out and everyone’s hope that The Fishing Lowdown will continue. We have good news on both. A link has been placed on our home page to get readers added to our mailing list via a subscription. We enjoy mailing our magazine out across the country and all we ask is that you pay the mail cost – that’s it! Regarding The Fishing Lowdown, we are definitely going to continue this publication. We are working on how we can keep its own identity in our current format, along with some other ideas, so bear with us. It’s not going anywhere.

With the holidays officially upon us, there is a lot going on throughout the region. We have several festivals and events highlighted in our November edition. These along with our local contributors and advertisers, many who are new, give us another 64 pages of local content! Also, please remember to shop locally, now more than ever. You can find some unique gifts throughout the region, and these folks could use a shot in the arm after the last few months.

2023 has definitely been one for the books. My mother passed in February, our son became engaged in April, We finally did our “Bucket List” cross country trip in May, faced a devastating hurricane in September, dealt with some health issues in October, and now come to the finish line of 2023 stronger and better than before! We are truly blessed with both our families and business. Hurricane Idalea dealt a crushing blow to the region and the repercussions are still being felt. Although many towns, communities and businesses have reopened, we continue to see many businesses deciding not to reopen or rebuild. This is very sad to see, for after seven years they were more than just customers, they were friends. We wish them all the best in their future plans and goals and thank them for their patronage and trust with us since 2016. We are also very grateful to the local Tourist Development Councils and individuals who have stepped up and paid for several ads over the past two editions. Helping those in need and letting the rest of the world know The Hidden Coast is “open for business.” It continues to show what a special part of the state this is and why we are so lucky to be a part of it.

We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving this year and thank you for the blessing you have bestowed upon us.