Hold on tight – Here we go!

Can you believe it’s already May? My goodness, where does time continue to go. And beyond May, we see the dog days of summer. Of course as I get older, the summers get hotter (so I’m told by my smart aleck  kids). But with our wonderful location here on The Hidden Coast, it is easy to find a place to cool off! Have fun, and enjoy the upcoming summer months and remember to pick up a copy of The Hidden Coast Magazine wherever your travels may take you.

We are happy to announce some new customers with us for this round and some old ones back in with us again. KOA of Perry and Florida Saltwater Flats Fishing Charters are our newest advertisers, and we welcome them to our publication. Tide Water Tours and the Cedar Key Historical Society and museum are back in with us, as well. We thank all of them for their support of our magazine and look forward to a long relationship with all.

We are also happy to have the Cedar Key Dolphin Project on our cover for this round. This organization, led by Dr. Stefanie Gazda, does some amazing things, with a staff that comes from around the globe. They have an article on page 26 of this edition and you can learn much more about them at https://www.cedarkeydolphinproject.org/

Speaking of around the area, our charter captains bring some awesome tips and tricks for fishing the waters of this area. And Jeff Cary gives us an “eagles eye view” of the entire region. In addition, Nikki Douglas, Dawn Perez and Toni Collins give us some great insight on the history and interesting sights of this area we call, The Hidden Coast.

We thank you for reading and hope you enjoy your visit!