“I think the fish are confused…”

Happy New year! We jump into 2022 with festivals galore and we are happy to say we’re promoting six of them on the pages of this month’s issue. Steinhatchee, Horseshoe Beach, Suwannee and Cedar Key are all hosting events along The Hidden Coast. We wish these communities great success and we welcome all our readers from all over to attend, if not all of them, at least one. I can honestly say I have attended each of them and you will not be disappointed. Good food, entertainment and, most of all, great people who put them on. 

The holidays came and went in the usual fast, chaotic way at our house. This year was particularly difficult as I had no clue of what to buy. Sometimes I can pick up on hints and requests but this year I had nothing. In the end all was good, and we have many memories from another successful Christmas holiday… three times over! 

In addition to shopping and eating in December we were able to take advantage of the great weather with a fishing trip out of Steinhatchee. As one of the local charter captains put it in an email to me, “… I think the fish are confused with the crazy weather.” We expected to have great success after hearing that and on the second cast of the day my son pulled in a 35” Black Drum! An excellent catch that brought a grin from ear-to-ear. Good thing though, because that was the only thing we caught all day. The fish might be confused but they aren’t stupid when they see this guy coming. 

We dropped back down to 32 pages for this issue and I again blame the holidays. My intentions were to have the book to the printer on the 23rd, but it failed miserably. I can’t expect people to drop everything and put us first when their “To Do” list is a mile long. I think I mentioned this in the past, but my old boss never printed a book in December. It always struck me as odd, but now I know why. This year we may have to take a look at that. One’s self, family and friends first – work second.

A big thank you to all of our advertisers who signed back up with us for 2022. We appreciate their continued support of our little magazine as we celebrate “five years”! We also thank all of our writers who continue to send us fun and informative content. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Until the next time. Get out and enjoy some of the wonderful events in the area and let them know you saw it in The Hidden Coast Magazine!