Summer is Here!

Summer is here and we are happy to celebrate it with our 40 page July/August edition! This is only the second time we have hit the 40 page mark and we are super excited it happened during the scalloping season. This time of the year brings in thousands of visitors to the region and we are so happy to be able to promote this beautiful part of the state with our magazine. Scalloping is a fun time and if you have never been you should make plans to do it in 2021. From what we have heard this year, the scallops are plentiful and your options to get out there are plentiful.  Many of the areas we advertise offer charters for half and full days. You can also rent a boat at some of the marinas as well. Lodging and restaurants aren’t a problem, but make sure to call ahead for availability and or reservations. Also check the weather and BRING SUN SCREEN. The Gulf sun is unforgiving and you will feel it later. 

We have four new customers with us for this round; Tonys Johns, Steinhacthee Outdoor Adventures, Good Time Charters and Steinhatchee For Sale By Owner. We welcome all of them to our magazine and we hope they will be with us for a long time to come. We also have our usual local authors in with us giving us insight on history and the beautiful surroundings of this area. An added bonus for this round is information regarding the scalloping season from Savanna Barry, IFAS and Mike Farmer, Salt Addiction Charters. These are articles are very informative and will keep both you, and those around you, safe.

If you are planning to make a trip to the area, and we hope you do soon, please keep in mind the following. Everybody is finally getting outside again after an unbelievable 18 months for all of us. Lines are long and staff is short for many places right now. These are small towns already and seasonal crowds are always a challenge. This year it is even harder so please have patience and consideration for the local folks. They are trying to make your visit a memorable one and they want you to come back again. 

Until the Fall. Thanks for reading our little magazine and happy scalloping!