How I spent 2020 in 100 words or less.

How do you define a year like this? Better yet, how I spent 2020 in 100 words or less. Not a story you can tell your neighbor or kids because we all lived it, but boy what story it will be for their children’s children. Looking at the unknown is always somewhat scary, but we pulled through it, like this country always does. Even with our TV’s yelling back at us we, as a people, knew what was right and how to act. It’s quite extraordinary how the media has divided this country. Yes I said it. The media has indeed divided this country – or at least tried to. And if you take a minute and really think about it. Webster defines it as: “noun 1. a person who reports, especially one employed to report news or conduct interviews for newspapers or broadcasts.” Where does it say “news-maker”? Where does it say “opinion-maker”. Folks, these people are just like you and me. They are trying to make a buck and live a good life. If you think there is an allegiance to any of the top, so-called networks, today I am afraid to say, “you are wrong.” I believe any one of them would jump ship for the next network if the amount of zeros were to their liking. Remember that. Educate yourself and listen to all sides of the story. For goodness sakes, don’t get your information off social media. All things and every thing can be tainted. Read, listen and make up your own mind. Don’t let someone else do it for you. As I read on social media over the summer, “Don’t believe everything on the internet just because it has my face next to it.” – Abraham Lincoln. With that said, I will leave it alone. 

The year started out very strong for our magazines. We hit our magical sales goals in March and then the sky fell. We pulled back, pulled forward, went up and went down. We did all we could for our advertisers but by September many of them had pulled the plug on the year and planned to start again in 2021. Who can blame them. We appreciate all of our advertisers who stuck with us through the year. I know it was a tough decision to keep advertising especially when every dollar counted and not many of them were coming in. My old boss in this business once told me, “In bad times advertising is always the first to go, but we are always the first to come back.” 

We ended the year at 24 pages for this edition. The page count may be down but the content is perfect. We have have everything you will want. Articles on history, fishing, the outdoors plus a wide variety of unique shopping and excellent restaurants in the area. When you come to the area, and we hope you do, please let our advertisers know you saw them in our magazine or on our website. 

Finally, take a minute to browse our online store. We have a wide selection of shirts, hats, decals and magnets to chose from. One-of-a-kind gifts for that hard to buy person on your list. We plan to offer some great deals, so keep an eye out as we get closer to the holidays. 

As bad as 2020 was, in the end I am grateful for the good health of my family. I am blessed for the gifts I have been given and I thank the Good Lord for them often. We’ve made great memories over the years (including this year), and I look forward for what the future holds for us. Friends have come and gone in my life, but family is consistent. And as my wife says, “Never turn your back on your family.” No better words. From our family to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas and happy and healthy new year.