Scalloping season and our July edition!

The scalloping season is here and so is our July edition! We are promoting the season all through this issue starting with Steinhatchee’s, very popular, Sea Hag Marina on the cover. This is the best time to visit The Hidden Coast and, if you have never done so, try your hand at scalloping. We went out twice in the month of June and had great success. This month’s magazine has everything you will need to get out and have some fun. This includes articles, maps tide charts and FWC information.

This month’s edition also includes our regular advertisers (who we are so grateful for) along with quite a few new ones. We also have our “Local Flavors” page back in that highlights some “tasty treats” around the area. Finally, we have an abundance of articles on scalloping from our local charter captains and IFAS gives you some tips and tricks on how to protects the beautiful waters around us. Toni Collins continues to give us detailed history lessons on the area and Jeff Carey has another informative article on kayaking out of Horseshoe.

We continue to be very thankful for all of the above-mentioned contributors (advertisers and writers). They have been very supportive of this magazine from the very beginning and we do our best to promote the area and “show off” these great individuals. Support these businesses if you can and send our writers a quick note to let them know you enjoyed their articles.

The local communities are planning some fun-filled 4th of July celebrations and we have the times and schedules for Steinhatchee, Cedar Key, and Perry. Enjoy, have fun and be safe.

Until the next time, we thank you for reading our little magazine and we look forward to some cooler weather for our September edition.