Our July Book is Out!

“One of the biggest impacts to our Town was the loss of our scallop season. Our town has a small retail business sector and a successful scallop season is vitally important.” Words written by Horseshoe Beach Mayor Talmadge Bennett in this month’s edition of The Hidden Coast. Almost a year later and the after effects of Hurricane Hermine are still being felt in the area. Governor Scott signed an executive order opening the season early for parts of the region. Many of the local businesses rely on the season for their livelihood. If there are no scallops there are no visitors and it only spirals downhill from there.

If you have never been scalloping give it a try. You can usually get out and back to the dock in half a day. If you don’t have a boat you can’t rent one at several of the marinas scattered throughout the region. You will also need a mask, snorkel and fins. That’s it! Of course, fill your cooler with plenty of drinks and snacks and PLENTY of sunscreen. The Florida sun gets really hot, really fast! You pick up the scallops with your bare hands (they do not bite) and fill your bucket. Once you have it filled drop it off at one of the local road side  vendors offering to clean them. A nominal price for a dirty job. After that, you are set to enjoy your Florida Bay Scallops in a variety of recipes! You can’t buy a dinner entree any fresher!

Take a peek at the great articles written in this months edition. You can catch up on scallops as well as the Riverboat history of the region. We also have information and tips from FWC as well as the tide charts for July. Last of all we have our wonderful advertisers who continue to support our little magazine. We are still humbled by all the kind words and support offered by them and the citizens of The Hidden Coast. Have fun, be safe and enjoy the scalloping season!


Our May Book is Out!

Look for our May book out now! We are featuring the 63rd Annual Chiefland Watermelon Festival on the cover. A perfect way to kick off the summer around the region. We are also featuring some great articles including; Florida’s Hidden Coast and the Civil War, Horseshoe Beach, Bird Rescue in Cedar Key and Funability with Fishing!

The scalloping season starts early on The Hidden Coast as well. June 16th is the official kick-off in Taylor and Dixie County. See our FWC map along with information from some of our advertisers.

Finally, we thank all our great advertisers who continue to support us. We are humbled by the kind words we hear about our little magazine and we will continue to do our part to promote everyone in the area. We have said it before and we will say it again. if you have never been to this part of Florida, please plan to do so. Friendly people, good restaurants, shopping and lodging and GREAT scenery.


Our March Book is Out!

Look for our March edition this week! We feature Cedar Key’s 53rd Annual Fine Arts Festival on the cover along with some great articles and new advertisers. The weather is beautiful so get out and enjoy the “Hidden Coast.” Spring and Summer are just around the corner!


Our January Book is Out!

Look for our newest edition that is out this week! We feature the Steinhtachee Fiddler Crab Festival on the cover along with some great advertisers and articles. Let us know what you think and if you haven’t been to the “Hidden Coast” make plans to come see us. You won’t be disappointed!


New Edition Coming!

Look for our January edition the week of January 16th. The Steinhatchee Fiddler Crab Festival is featured on the cover along with a schedule of the three day event on the inside. We also have great articles and information covering the entire area!


Working on our January 2017 Edition!

Production is underway for our January book. We will feature Steinhatchee’s 2017 Fiddler Crab Festival! If you would like to be part of this edition please call or email us today. Print deadline is January 4th and the books will be hitting the streets January 15th. We wish everyone a happy, healthy and joyous holiday season, and all the best for the upcoming year. Peace on earth good will to man.


Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of The Hidden Coast!

This magazine will be produced six times a year to help you find your way. Many thanks to the local chambers and Tourist Development Councils for their input and feedback on the magazine. A lot of time and effort has been put into this publication and we are ready to show it off. We will offer information on local shopping, restaurants, businesses and activities in the area.

With this first edition we wanted to let everyone know  “We are open for business!” Hurricane Hermine did indeed leave a path of destruction in these communities, but they have worked (and are working) to get right back on their feet. They have picked up and cleaned up all Mother Nature threw at them, and now they are ready for you. Spectacular sunsets, friendly people, neat shops, cozy hotels, amazing restaurants and loads of outdoor activities year around. Plan your next trip here and see what you?ve been missing!

We are open for business!